Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play!


An Unforgettable Journey to the Divine Reels!

Picture this: you’ve just ascended to the majestic Gates of Olympus, and who’s there to greet you but Zeus himself, looking as formidable as ever with his striking blue eyes, seemingly ready to unleash a storm of lightning bolts. Ah, the capricious nature of the Ancient Greek gods—so humanlike in their whims, yet armed with the power to alter destinies on a whim. Venturing into their realm, one must tread lightly, offering due reverence and hoping not to encounter them on a sour day. But, let’s be honest, even offering up a herd of bulls might not save you from becoming a decorative tree in their eyes.

Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play Slot

But fear not, fellow slot enthusiasts, for our venture into the realm of gods promises not wrath but thrills and spills aplenty! Enter the world of Gates of Olympus, a masterful creation by the ever-inventive Pragmatic Play, where the thrill of gambling meets the unpredictability of divine whimsy. This slot isn’t just another Ancient Greek-themed escapade; it’s a rollercoaster of fun, featuring a pay-anywhere system that’s as refreshing as a breeze from Mount Olympus itself. Imagine symbols paying out like scatters, from any position, as long as you’ve got enough of them in view. Pair this with cascading reels and Zeus’s potential generosity with multipliers, and you’ve got a recipe for chaos of the most delightful kind.

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A Sweet Follow-up to Sweet Bonanza?

Who would’ve thought Olympus and candy had anything in common? Yet, here we are, following up on the success of Sweet Bonanza, diving into a world where epic multipliers make a grand return, accompanied by a few tweaks and twists to enhance the excitement. With a 6×5 grid as our battleground, we stand beside Zeus himself, ready for action that’s worlds apart from the candy-coated landscapes we’ve grown accustomed to. The game boasts an RTP of 96.50% and has turned up the volatility to a full five out of five, promising an adventure that’s as intense as it is rewarding. Though the maximum win potential has seen a trim from the lofty heights of 21,100x to a more grounded 5,000x, it feels more in tune with the realms of possibility, addressing past critiques with a nod to realism.

Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play Paytable

Starting from a humble 20 p/c to a princely $/€125 per spin, Gates of Olympus invites you to match symbols in a divine clash where eight or more symbols anywhere on the grid could lead to glorious wins. With cascading reels to sweep away winning symbols and bring forth new ones, the action is continuous, the excitement unending. From gems of radiant hues to treasures like cups, rings, hourglasses, and crowns, the rewards are as rich as the mythology itself. And in this realm, wild symbols are an extravagance best left to the mortals.

Features and Bonuses

Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play Buy Feature

The magic truly begins when multiplier symbols, blessed by the gods, appear with values ranging from 2x to an almighty 500x. These multipliers can transform a simple win into a treasure worthy of Olympus itself. And let’s talk about the free spins—landing 4, 5, or 6 scatters isn’t just rewarding, it’s a gateway to 15 free spins where every win feels like a feast in the gods’ banquet hall. With multipliers adding to a global multiplier that only grows, the potential for divine wins is endless.

For those seeking favor from the gods, the Ante Bet option is akin to offering a golden sacrifice, increasing your stake for a better chance at free spins, while the bonus buy option is your Pegasus, soaring you directly to the heights of the bonus rounds.

Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus, in my humble yet passionate opinion, marks a celestial evolution from its predecessor, Sweet Bonanza. Grounded yet soaring with potential, its unique pay-anywhere system and enhanced features make every spin a brush with divinity. The multipliers, now omnipresent across the game, promise riches beyond mere mortals’ dreams, making every moment in the presence of Zeus and his pantheon an exhilarating thrill.

Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play Big Win

For us, the enthusiasts who live for the spin and cherish every win, Gates of Olympus is more than a slot; it’s a saga of epic proportions, inviting us into a realm where fortune favors the bold, and the gods might just smile upon us. So, grab your laurel wreath, fellow adventurers, for we are off to conquer the reels and bask in the glory of Olympus!